• Image of Hillview Keepin' it "True" - Mens Shirt in BLACK (100% cotton)

Hillview Customs is already known for their love and devotion for a good Classic Caddy. We are not known for our clothing. That is why Hillview Owner Dalton wanted to design a shirt that reflected on not only himself, but what Hillview Customs is all about. We stay true to who we are and what we love to do...which is bring life back into Classic Cadillacs. Make them better than they already are. And often, putting a white wall and wire wheel just gives it that little extra something that it needed. They say the wheels can make or break the look of a car. This look definitely makes it. Thanks to the talented Jon Chase, I welcome you to the Hillview Keepin' It "True" Mens Shirt. Greatness really never goes out of style and I don't think this shirt ever will either. Enjoy!

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